Release 17.92 - February 2017


The update of Legalsense of February 2017 (17.92) contains the following changes:

User management

Start and End date fields have been added to users in order to have more control about when a user is able to login and use the software. With the start date field you can already add a user before he or she starts working at your firm/company but the new user won't be able to login until the start date. The end date allows you to set when the user leaves your firm/company and after that date he/she won't be able to login anymore. The benefit of using the end date field for 'leavers' is that you can still have the user as 'active' in Legalsense for a while yet at the same time be certain that he/she can't access the software anymore. Archiving a user is still possible as well and removes the user from for example specific user select fields. It is recommended to archive users who are no longer with your firm/company when you don't need to be able to select them anymore.


  • The matter listed for time entries on the homepage (under Time) is now a link that points to the Matter page.
  • A selection of time entries (in the Time Search result) can now be marked as 'zero rate', 'billable or non-billable' and there is an option to change the user for multiple time entries.
  • When Legalsense is configured for decimal time entry (as opposed to hours and minutes), this is now consistently applied in all time fields in the application. E.g. 1,5 (1 hours and 30 minutes) can be used anywhere for input.
  • Matter selection is no longer limited to a maximum number of results but allows scrolling in the search result.

Contacts, clients and matters

  • Legalsense can configure specific contact, client and matter fields to be 'required', 'optional' or 'hidden' (not in use). Examples: 'Matter supervisor' or 'Billing supervisor' can be set as a required field for matters, 'sector' can be removed from the Client form (if the field is not in use).
  • The list of matters on a client (detail) page can now be sorted by number (as a default option). Please contact Legalsense if you would like to have the default changed from sorting by matter name to sorting by matter number.
  • The matter (detail) page shows more contact details of the matter contacts that are added (e.g. phone numbers).
  • Insolvency: the values for Recofa inventory and Recofa cap are added to the export of the matter list (Excel) as separate columns.
  • Legalsense can define custom matter fields that can also be available in the Report Builder as filter and/or grouping choice.
  • The field 'Address label name' is now also available for natural persons (as opposed to organizations). This field allows you to override the auto-generated first-line of an address that would normally display a contact person's title, initials or first name, last name, etc.
  • A new 'Notes' field has been added to contacts.
  • There is a field 'AML required' available on the Matter form separate from AML checklist. Firms who are not using the AML checklist can still use the 'AML required' field.

Billing / reporting

  • The Export option (Excel) is now also available when editing the structure of a report (in the Report Builder) similar to how you have this option when viewing the report.
  • Debtor age categories (e.g. 0 - 30 days, 30 - 60 days) are now available as a grouping option in the debtor overview (under 'Invoices') and are also part of the export to Excel of the unpaid invoices list. These categories are also available as grouping and filter options in the Report builder.
  • There is a new graph available on the personal and firm dashboard that shows the unpaid invoice amounts per debtor age category. The graph allows you to click thru to a list of the invoices per category and you can also click to the debtor overview (search result). On the personal dashboard, only unpaid invoices of matters that you are matter supervisor of, will be displayed. On the firm dashboard, all unpaid invoices are included. Please contact Legalsense if you would like to see this new graph in your dashboard.
  • The WIP Overview report that shows unbilled time entries and expenses does not show any data on default. You will have to submit the form to show data. If you leave the form empty and submit it, it will return all data.

Other changes

  • Originating user is now called 'Originator'.
  • Trust accounts choices are now displayed in a sub-menu (for firms with multiple trust accounts)
  • The default (invoice) sending method can now be set in Legalsense under 'Settings - Firm settings'.
  • The export (Excel) of disbursements (search result) now includes the field for 'purchase invoice number' if the options for creditors and purchase invoices are active.
  • The Legalsense Favicon (little icon that shows in the browser) is restored after it went missing in the past.
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