Release 17.110 - December 2017


The update of Legalsense of December 2017 (17.110) contains the following changes:

Contacts, clients and matters

  • A 'new matter email' (with some basic information about the matter) can be sent from the matter page (under 'Extra' - 'New matter email'). The email will be sent to the email address of the user who clicks on it (you).
  • The client, matter and contact list pages load faster.
  • Clients and matters can be created as 'draft' or any other status by default and a separate permission can be set to allow only specific users to change the status of clients and matters. Matters with a specific status can be linked to disallow billing for matters with this status. E.g. when a draft matter is created, billing can be blocked until the matter status is updated to 'active' or 'approved/checked'.
  • Custom fields that have been configured for contacts, clients or matters can optionally be included in Excel exports of the contact, client or matter list.
  • The conflict of interest search can search through a new table for 'historical conflict data'. This is especially useful for firms that are migrating to Legalsense and want to bring over certain client/matter information for conflict of interest purposes but without having to create to clients and matters in Legalsense again.

Time entry

  • The performance of the time entry homepage and time search has been improved.
  • Exporting time entries that are displayed as decimal hours (1.5 = one and a half hour) to Excel will also respect the decimal units.

Billing / reporting

  • An export to Excel option has been added to the WIP overview report.
  • The workflow overview (for billing workflow) displays the matter number with the matter name in the list.
  • The performance of the task overview page has been improved.
  • When an invoice is fully settled with an advance invoice, the fees (based on time entries) on that invoice are now automatically marked as paid and displayed as such in reports.
  • The billing workflow can be configured so that when an invoice is being edited as part of the workflow task, the user can be blocked from editing all time entry values except description.
  • The time entry comment field that was recently introduced in 17.106, is displayed on the invoice forms for information purposes.
  • The LEDES export supports invoices in different currencies (multi-currency support for LEDES).

User management

  • Users can be marked as 'unselectable' in Archived users list. When a user is archived, he/she will usually not be part of any select or lookup fields though there are a few places where all users are available in the select field. Marking a user as unselectable will remove that user from those fields as well.
  • The field 'practice group' can be configured as required for 'new users'.
  • Security: you can optionally set passwords to expire after a certain period (e.g. 12 months). Contact Legalsense to activate configure this option for your installation.
  • Security: you can optionally set a minimum length (of characters) for passwords. This is in addition to the password complexity choices that were already available. Contact Legalsense to activate configure this option for your installation.

API and Integrations

  • Some performance improvements for the Legalsense REST API
  • The 'exchange rate' has been added to the Invoice endpoint of the Legalsense REST API.
  • NetDocuments: when invoices are being saved by Legalsense in the NetDocuments workspace, this now also works for invoices for archived matters.
  • NetDocuments: archiving matters in Legalsense always 'closed' the matter in NetDocuments. This behavior can now be configured differently so that matters in NetDocuments are no longer closed automatically by Legalsense.

Audit logging

A separate (audit) logging system can be optionally set up for your Legalsense installation which tracks specific actions (by date, time, user, etc.) in Legalsense and allows you to search through those logs.


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