Debtor management


Legalsense has the ability to create reminders. This is very useful to help you collect the outstanding invoices from your debtor.

Before you can use this functionality, you need to create a template for your reminders. You can use our standard template for this which you can adjust to your own needs.

You can upload this template to Legalsense via 'Settings' - 'Billing' - 'Dunning'. After that, it's available to use. You can create different kinds of reminders for example first reminder, second reminder and final reminder. 

Create reminders

Reminders are created in 'Invoices' - 'Debtor Overview'

- Select the invoice that you want to prepare the reminder for and select new reminder:

- Select the template that you would like to use (in this case, reminder is selected) and click on create:

The reminders are created in the background and when finished will be available:


To open it, click on the Word icon.


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