Release 16.66 - March 2016


The update of Legalsense of March 2016 (16.66) contains the following changes:


For Dutch insolvency cases the value of the work in progress is now automatically calculated based on a start date for insolvency lawyers and insolvency employees. When downloading an insolvency report, you can immediately create a draft invoice for the salary advance for that time period as well.

Trust accounting from another Twinfield administration

When using Twinfield, you can now select a different Twinfield administration from which Legalsense can retrieve trust accounting information.

Access rights to view all time entries per matter

It is now possible to give a user access rights to view all time entries of a matter but not view time entries for other user's without selecting a matter.

Other changes

  • Invoice per matter type - You can now create (batch) invoices per matter type by choosing 'New Invoice - Per matter type'.
  • Some extra search fields (e.g. 'Parent client') have been added to the Client and Matter search forms.
  • You can optionally have two spaces after the zipcode in the rendered address.
  • The payment deadline of a debtor is now synced to Twinfield.
  • A search-field for 'Office' (location) has been aded to the 'advanced search' form.
  • The advance and trust accounting overview pages have an improved UI.
  • A WIP report that shows the WIP time entries and disbursements has been added to the reports. This report will be extended further in the future.
  • Access to trust accounting accounts can be set for different User groups.
  • A personal identity number (e.g. social security number) field has been added for contactpersons.
  • The integration with NetDocuments now always uses the NetDocuments REST API.
  • The invoice overview on a matter page has been moved to the bottom of the page. The table contains more information and partial payments of invoices are now also shown in the paid/unpaid amounts.
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