Invoicing a single matter


You can create an invoice in Legalsense at different locations. You can create an invoice in a particular matter via the matter itself or the 'invoice' screen. 

Via the matter itself

You can use this method if you need to create an invoice for only one matter. To do this, go to the matter (' Clients ' - ' Matter ' or search the matter in the search box  in the top right) and click on ' New Invoice ':


You have 3 options here:

1. Based on matter;

2. Advance Invoice

3. Empty invoice


Based on matter

You can (only) use this option if there are billable loglines or disbursements available. If you create an invoice based on a matter all ongoing activities will be billed on a draft invoice:


After you have clicked on ' New invoice ' - ' Based on matter ' you get a selection screen (see above) in which you select the date period or to settle any outstanding advances. After you have clicked on ' Create ' the draft invoice is generated.

Advance invoice

Use this option to generate an advance invoice:

The matter name is already selected. For the source for text fields you can choose if you want to use the firm defaults or copy the text which is used from the last invoice/matter. 

In the ' amount ' field you enter the amount for the advance. Then click on ' Create ' and an advance invoice will be generated for the entered amount. You can save this invoice as draft or make it final by clicking on the button ' Finalize '.

Emtpy invoice

This will generate an empty invoice:


You can now add invoice lines yourself (like activities, advances or disbursements):


Above methods are used for a single selected matter. In most cases you would prefer to bill multiple matters at the same time. This can be done via the ' Invoice ' module.


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