Release 16.73 - July 2016


The update of Legalsense of July 2016 (16.73) contains the following changes:


This Legalsense update introduces products for time recording and billing purposes. A product can be defined under ‘Settings - Submatter/product kinds’ and can then be added to a matter. When a matter with a product is selected in a time entry form, the product can be optionally chosen to write time on. A product will be added to an invoice and billed against a specific price. In the reporting module, you can create reports that display the products and their time and amount values. For more about products, see <documentation will follow>.

Please note that submatters and products are an optional feature that is turned off by default.

In the next update subscriptions will be introduced. Subscriptions are ‘products’ that have an automatic recurrence (e.g. monthly).


  • Extra ‘meta’-info on the invoice page has been added. When viewing an invoice, you can open an extra information section that shows ‘meta-info’ like the debtor, matter, Twinfield entry number, invoice send method, etc. This also allows you to click-thru to the debtor or matter pages.
  • When Twinfield is being used in connection with Legalsense, on an invoice you can now choose a different ledger account for custom invoice lines that you add to an invoice. Custom invoice lines are of type Fee, Disbursement, Advance or Misc. These types have a default ledger account that has been set in the Twinfield configuration (under Settings - Twinfield).


  • An optional column for ‘office expenses’ has been added to the reports in the report-builder. Before ‘office expenses’ were always ‘billed office expenses’ but now you can also look at office expenses for unbilled time (work in progress - WIP).
  • The performance graph that shows the time entries split into billable and non-billable time can now also be configured to split into: work in progress (unbilled time), written off, billed and non-billable time.
  • Two revenue graphs are optionally available on the personal dashboard that show the revenue per month and the cumulative revenue for all matters that the user is ‘matter supervisor’ of.
  • The personal dashboard can display user specific notes that can be added to the user (under ‘Users’).
  • Performance report per office. It is possible to give users permission to view the performance report for only the office they are part of. If the user already has permission to view the firm's performance report, the 'performance per office' option is not displayed as it can already be viewed by grouping per office in the firm's report.

Other changes

The Recofa (category) column in the ‘Per day’ time entry table has been moved to the right as it is optionally chosen and should not be in the first section of columns. 

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