Release 16.82 - October 2016


The update of Legalsense of October 2016 (16.82) contains the following changes:


Last Legalsense update (16.73) introduced products for time recording and billing purposes. In this release, products can be set on a recurring basis in the form of 'subscriptions'. Every time a product is recurring (e.g. monthly) it will be added to the matter and be available for billing.

Contacts, clients and matters

  • The performance of the contact, client and matter lists has been improved.
  • The performance of the contact search has been improved (on the contact list page).
  • Matter rates/pricing are now also displayed on the matter page.
  • Sector has been added to the client Excel export.
  • Legalsense blocks the archiving of matters that have unpaid invoices and/or unbilled time entries (among others). It is now optionally possible to relax these archiving rules so that you can archive matters with unpaid invoices and/or unbilled time entries.


  • A field for matter type has been added to the invoice (advanced) search (which allow for filtering of the invoices based on matter type).
  • It is possible to set multiple default CC and BCC receivers for invoice emails. The CC and BCC can also be set to the matter supervisor or billing supervisor.
  • The debtor overview (invoice) search has been expanded with two extra search fields: 'reminder created on' and 'reminder template'. This allows for searching for unpaid invoices with a reminder created on a specific date and/or using a specific template.
  • Reminder letters can now be downloaded in a single (Word) file.
  • The LEDES-templates which are used to set up different LEDES1998B type of export formats can now be configured in the software.


  • You can view other user's personal dashboard if you have the permission to do so. When viewing your own personal dashboard, you can switch to another user.
  • Suggested (pre-set) filters can now be set on a report. If you have the permission to edit reports, you can add filters when viewing a report and choose to 'remember' these filter. When someone then views the report, the filter(s) will already be available.
  • The printing of reports in portrait (document) mode has been improved. The report wil try to resize itself in order to fit on the (portrait) page (depending on the amount of columns in the report).

Twinfield integration

  • Matters that are archived in Legalsense will be automatically hidden (made inactive) in Twinfield as well. Under Settings - Twinfield - Settings, you can now turn off this behavior so that archived matters in Legalsense will always remain active in Twinfield.
  • The default billing email address of a debtor is now being sent to Twinfield as the email address for credit management.
  • Legalsense address types can be now matched with Twinfield address types. With the address types in Legalsense (under 'Settings - Lists - Address types') you can specify which Twinfield address type you want to match with.

Other changes

  • The default billing email address has been added to the debtor information to the Onguard export files (XML)
  • When adding a new line in 'Per day' time entry, the focus (cursor) will automatically be in the Matter field.
  • When visiting the login page, the focus (cursor) will automatically be in the username field. When the username field is already filled, the focus will be on the password field.
  • An issue with syncing invoices to NetDocuments has been fixed.
  • When using 'decimal' input for time entry, the decimal input field will now be properly remembered so that you do not have to click 'Hand' again. Decimal input fields will also be applied to other time entry fields in a next update.
  • When changing amounts on insolvency matters, the loading of the matter page of existing time entry amounts will no longer wait for the recalculation of time entry amounts to be finished. Instead a message will be display on the matter page which informs the user that recalculation is taking place and that the displayed amounts might change.
  • When deleting a time entry or disbursements you will be redirected to the previous page instead of returning to the time entry homepage or the disbursement list.
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