Release 18.116 - March 2018


The update of Legalsense of March 2018 (18.116) is mainly a maintenance release and also includes several performance improvements. From a functional perspective the following changes are relevant:

Contacts, clients and matters

  • A field for 'Overdue invoices' has been added to the Debtor overview search to filter on only invoices that are overdue. Overdue invoices in this report are all the invoices that are not fully paid and are past the payment deadline as set on the debtor/client and/or invoice.
  • The contact search (under 'Clients - Contacts') allows you to search by debtor number. In the advanced search form there is a separate field for 'debtor number' available.
  • In the Contact and Client search, it is now possible to search on Postal code.
  • An 'Export' option has been added to the Conflict Check to export the search result to PDF. The title of the Conflict Check search result has been changed to 'Conflict Search Report'.

Billing / reporting

  • It is now possible to create a "balance" report for a specific date for both invoices that are issued (receivables) and that are paid (cash on the bank account). In the previous version, this report included also payments that had been done after the selected period.
  • The VAT number has been added to the grouping fields of turnover reports.
  • Workflow: an icon indicating the number of open tasks as well as a link to the task overview has been added next to the username in the top of the screen.
  • Workflow: In the task overview a field for 'Matter supervisor' has been added to the search form.
  • When changing the billing reference (PO number) for a debtor in a matter, this change will also be applied to the draft invoices for that matter (after re-saving or finalizing the invoice).
  • For invoice texts and invoice emails, the field 'debtor_number' can be used to automatically fill in the value of the debtor number in the text.

User management

  • A permit view_billing_payment has been added. This permit allows you to view the payment status of the invoices without being able to also edit/delete/add payments.


Changes in the Legalsense REST API

  • The Matter supervisor and Billing supervisor fields have been added to the Matter endpoint.
  • The (last) modified date has been added to the Client and Matter endpoint.
  • An endpoint for MatterContacts (contact/parties related to a matter) has been added to the API.
  • In the Client endpoint you can now filter on the modified date (e.g. modified since a specific date)
  • The client number field has been added to the Client endpoint.
  • The contact detail information fields (e.g. email, phone) have been added/improved on the Contact endpoint.
  • The archive date and archive number fields have been added to the Matter endpoint.
  • Credited invoices in the Invoice endpoint now give more information about the credited parts of the invoice.

Changes in APIv1

  • The (open) date of the Matter has been added to the Matter Endpoint



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