Question: Legalsense shows a wrong date when I try to write time



When writing time on the Time entry homepage (Timesheet - Time Entry) or in the Per day time entry view, and clicking 'Save' the date changes (back) to a date in the past. I have to adjust the date to today every time. What is causing this?


You probably bookmarked the page (as a shortcut on your computer/desktop or as a Favorite) after you submitted a time entry. The date of that time entry became part of your bookmark. You can check this by looking at the URL / web address in the top of your browser when you click on the bookmark. If the bookmark contains a specific date in the URL / web address you should remove this. It is easiest to just create bookmark with only the main address of your Legalsense environment.

Your main Legalsense URL / web address looks like this:


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